Driver CPC Northern Ireland
Driver CPC Northern Ireland
Driver CPC Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's leading Transport MANAGEMENT, Driver CPC Training & Compliance Service


We have a full database of CPC qualified International Transport Managers in Northern Ireland, suitable for external management of your transport undertaking in accordance with the terms of your Operator Licence.

Standard Licence Holders (National or International) must employ internally or contract externally a competent person to over see the transport undertaking of your business.

more cost effective way to meet the legal requirements of your Operator Licence, save on Salary, Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, National Insurance and Pension contributions is to appoint a self-employed Northern Ireland External Transport Manager.

Transport Manager Northern Ireland


Our most popular service. 

We enjoy relationships with many Northern Ireland companies assisting them achieve an initial state of compliance and then maintaining that relationship to support an on-going state of full compliance.

Working with your transport manager or main point of contact we will, bring your transport operation to an initial state of compliance by reviewing and rectifying any issues,  implementing regulatory compliant policies, procedures and processes. 

Once initially compliant, we will manage all compliance tasks, scheduling, communicating, following up, filing documents on our cloud server, and re-scheduling and communicating future tasks for you. 

We promise, where companies engage with us regularly, that WE WILL KEEP YOU IN A STATE OF FULL COMPLIANCE AT ALL TIMES!


Our Training team are all fully qualified post 16/adult learning teachers or trainers and are all either, HGV Drivers or CPC International Transport Managers in their own right.

We provide Northern Ireland Driver CPC training courses, Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) for management, 2 Day Refresher Training for Transport Managers, as well as bespoke training for your individual business needs including Northern Ireland Forklift Training, Driver Assessments, Shunter Training, First Aid Training, Manual Handling Training and Working from Height Training.

NI Transport & Training’s training services include:

  • Northern Ireland Driver CPC training courses
  • Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) in Northern Ireland
  • 2 Day Transport Manager Refresher Training in Northern Ireland
  • Bespoke Training for your business including Northern Ireland Forklift Training, Driver Assessments, Shunter Training, First Aid Training, Manual Handling Training and Working from Height Training.
**Our Courses are accepted by the  Transport Regulation Unit and satisfy the Department if you are directed to attend a course at Public Inquiry or Hearing.
Driver CPC Training Northern Ireland
Operator Licence Northern Ireland


You need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if your business uses goods vehicles with a gross plated weight of over 3500kg within UK and over 2500kg if operating into the EU. There are some exemptions.

Our Northern Ireland Operator Licence Service will provide you with all of the support and advice needed to guide you through the process. 

With industry experience, NI Transport & Training are able to complete your new O Licence Application or make variations to your existing licence. This will ensure timely and complete submissions and ensure all the necessary checks are completed before submission to avoid any errors. 

The benefits are that you save time, money and stress completing this yourself as any errors can delay the process and lead to further enquiries by the Department.

Contact Us if you require a new application, a variation to an existing licence or advice and information regarding your Operator Licence.


Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005 state that as a licensed transport operator, you must have in place systems to gather, store and analyse driver tachograph data and manage infringements and if necessary, take disciplinary action against drivers who do not adhere to the rules.

NI Transport & Training have extensive industry experience and can provide full tachograph management services and remote downloading capability.

Our Tachograph Analysis Service provides you with an accessible company dashboard (pictured) to monitor all of your driving hours data and we provide scheduled reports of infringements and offences for you to deal with. 

For compliance management customers for whom we manage all compliance related tasks, we will de-brief your drivers, gather signed driver infringements and file on our cloud server, taking all hassle away from you, AT NO EXTRA COST!& Training 

Tachograph Northern Ireland
Vehicle Telematics and Tracking Northern Ireland


Vehicle tracking and telematics devices Northern Ireland. Our small vehicle tracking and telematics device plugs directly into your vehicle.

The device auto-calibrates and the install is quick and simple. Operators can monitor and track vehicles via live time GPS, add camera systems for a live tracking system, providing photo and video evidence in the event of road traffic collisions direct to the Operator’s dashboard. 

Driver behaviour reporting can help companies reduce fuel costs by up to 10%. Our reporting also highlights instances of speeding, excessive braking, harsh acceleration, heavy cornering and engine idling. 

Operator’s customised dashboard will send alerts by email or directly to your dashboard to highlight vehicle health issues. This may include engine warning lights, providing early opportunity for intervention, saving your business expensive repair costs later on.


DVA Audits and Public Inquiry can impact your business and livelihood and should be taken seriously.  

With years of Transport Management and Enforcement experience within our team, we are best placed to advise companies who come to the attention of the Transport Regulation Unit or DVA

Our team can help manage the stress and time needed to get your business through this and back on the road to compliance.

If you have been notified of a DVA Audit or been called to Public Inquiry, the sooner you seek specialist help, the better the prospects of a positive outcome. 

If this is the case, and you require support and representation, please contact us IMMEDIATELY as we will need time to identify and rectify any issues!

Public Inquiry Northern Ireland

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