Driver CPC Northern Ireland
Driver CPC Northern Ireland


Remote downloading can save on average, 26 man hours per vehicle per year

Improve road safety and save cost of fines and enforcement action for non-compliance

Real time data and immediate data for instant analysis

Bespoke tachograph reports sent straight to your inbox each month


Bespoke tachograph analysis services include full analysis and reporting of driver and vehicle data. 

Completely packaged up and returned to you to action driver infringement debriefs. 

If we manage your full compliance also, we will debrief your drivers, obtain signatures and file for you, AT NO EXTRA COST!

What is included with our tachograph analysis service?

Tachograph Northern Ireland
  • Simple yet powerful dashboards to provide a visual snapshot of the current situation
  • You can view all fleet and driver data easily and readily
  • For a deeper dive, click on the area of the dashboard for a more in depth insight 
Tachograph Northern Ireland
  • With the driver calendar view, driver’s working timehours can be reviewed 
  • Manually enter driver sick days, annual leave days or other periods of absence
  • Stay compliant with the Working Time Directive
Tachograph Analysis NI
  • Monitor driver infringement rates with clear reporting
  • Allows for in depth driver debrief conversations to improve performance
  • Data led infringement reporting in an easy to read format
  • Driver’s app helps drivers manage their working, driving and rest hours whilst they are on the road
  • Available on Android and Apple devices via the App Store
  • App allows drivers to view infringements instantly aiding performance on the road
Tachograph Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Tachograph Analysis Bureau

As a licensed transport operator, you must adhere strictly to your responsibilities in accordance with EU-regulation (EC) No 561/2006[5] and the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005 (RTWTR).

These regulations state that you MUST:

  1. Download driver data from driver cards within 28 days and vehicle data from vehicle units within 90 days
  2. Store raw download data for 2 years and have a system in place to decipher data for analysis.
  3. Conduct such analysis or contract this analysis out. Analysis should be against both Driver Hours and Working Time Directive Regulations. 
  4. Issue and record infringements and take necessary disciplinary action against drivers who do not adhere to the rules. 

At NI Transport & Training, we have extensive industry experience, analysing and managing Tachograph data in accordance with the regulations. 

Northern Ireland tachograph analysis is by far, our most popular service.

We will retrieve remotely (if set up) or accept electronic receipt of, and store, your raw tachograph data on our secure servers in accordance with your responsibilities under both EC and RTWTR Regulations. 

We will decipher and analyse your data and advise you of important information in PDF report form including, driving hours, total working hours, all driver infringements and unaccounted kilometres allowing you to take any necessary action. 

This service includes regular PDF reports and desktop access to your Tachograph Dashboard which will give you ready access to this  information. 

IF WE MANAGE YOUR TRANSPORT COMPLIANCE ALSO, we will debrief drivers and rectify any performance issues, get infringement reports signed and file for you, AT NO EXTRA COST!

Tachograph Northern Ireland

Tachograph Analysis Bureau

There are a number of benefits of using our Northern Ireland Tachograph Analysis Service:

BENEFITS OF Remote Downloading

  • Driver and Vehicle data is consistently uploaded without the need for either to be physically present – Reducing downtime.
  • Based on 1 manual driver download every 28 days and 1 manual vehicle download every 90 days, Remote Downloading can save on average, 26 man hours per vehicle per year. 
  • Immediate data allows for up to date reporting enabling operators to correct issues immediately without delay or repeat – Avoiding fines.
  • Stay legal, save time and money, have peace of mind and reduce trips to the depot.
Digidown Remote Downloading

If you require support, advice or assistance with Tachograph Analysis in Northern Ireland or wish to enquire about supply only of our extensive Digidown digital and remote downloading equipment, please contact us