Driver CPC Northern Ireland
Driver CPC Northern Ireland


Do you need an International CPC qualified External Transport Manager in Northern Ireland?

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We have a database of trusted, fully qualified and experienced, International CPC External Transport Managers.

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More cost effective than employing a salaried individual yourself saving tax, pension, annual leave and sick pay.

Transport Compliance Audit Northern Ireland

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As a Standard Operator Licence holder, this meets all of the necessary requirements and compliance standards

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All our Transport Managers are fully qualified and vetted by us before being added to our database.

Did you Know?

Transport Manager

If you hold a Standard (National or International) Operator Licence, you must nominate a "professionally competent" Transport Manager of good repute to manage the Transport Undertaking of your business.

This can be an internal employee or an external contractor.

Your Responsibilities

You must ensure that your TM "continuously and effectively" manages the vehicle fleet, that he or she is of good repute, holds the relevant professional (CPC or other approved) qualification and you must inform the Traffic Commissioner of any changes to your TM.

TM's Responsibilities

A TM must ensure that drivers comply with hours, tachograph regulations and Working Time Directives.

They must also ensure that the maintenance of vehicles takes place and that safety inspections are carried out at regular intervals and that suitable records are kept.

Internal or External TM

An external TM, contracted on a freelance basis, enables you as an operator to meet the requirements of your Operator Licence without the added cost of Salary, National Insurance, PAYE, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, Parent Leave etc.

Some Relevant Legislation

Goods Vehicle (Licensing of Operators) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010

The Road Passenger Transport Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014

EC Regulation 1071/2009

EC Regulation 561/2006

Some Publications

GV(NI)74 Guide for Goods Vehicle Operator

Guide to Licensing for Bus Service Operators

Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

Categorisation of Vehicle Defects

TM1G statutory guidelines for the number of hours transport managers should work

Below is the statutory guidance as to what might be expected in terms of hours worked by a transport manager, relative to the maximum number of vehicles authorised for a licence. Remote working is acceptable, however, at least one monthly visit is necessary for a TM to carry out their duties efficiently.

Motor Vehicles

Proposed Hours (per week)

2 or less


3 to 5


6 to 10


11 to 14


15 to 29


30 to 50

30-Full Time

Above 50

Full Time and additional assistance required

*Additional time maybe required for Trailers

Motor Vehicles – Proposed Hours

2 or less vehicles – 2-4 hours per week

3 to 5 vehicles – 4-8 hours per week

6 to 10 vehicles – 8-12 hours per week

11 to 14 vehicles – 12-20 per week hours

15 to 29 vehicles – 20-30 hours per week

30 to 50 vehicles – 30-Full Time hours

Above 50 vehicles – Full Time with assistance

External Transport Manager Northern Ireland
External Transport Manager Northern Ireland

If you are a Restricted Operator Licence Holder, you are not legally obliged to contract or employ a qualified Transport Manager.

However, you are still bound by the same set of Regulations as all other Transport Operators including, regular fleet safety inspections, management of driver’s hours and adherence to Tachograph and Working Time Directive Regulations, driver and vehicle checks and keeping of records for audit. 

Failure to comply with the Transport Regulations is still a threat to your business and your ability to trade. We can provide a monthly compliance service to ensure that you are meeting the expectations placed upon you when your Operator’s Licence was granted and ensure that you are in a permanent state of compliance.